Retrospect what you did — Look back for a better future

The purpose of a Retrospective to improve the quality and effectiveness by inspecting what has happened and creating action items.

Retrospectives are used as an event to conclude a Sprints in Agile communities that practice Scrum.

Elements that are inspected can depend on the type of work, however may include:

  • Individuals
  • Interactions
  • Processes
  • Tools
  • Definition of Done.

Retrospective Board

A Retrospective Board is used as a tool to facilitate and conduct a Retrospective at the end of Sprint.

A most basic format of a Retrospective Board will involve:

What went well

The successes of the work and how problems were successfully solved.

What is to be improved

What problems or challenges were faced and how they may not have been solved.

Action items

Identifying the most helpful and impactful changes to improve effectiveness. These may be even added to the next Sprint as something to work on.

Try out the Retrospective Board

Lite Toolkit

Lite Toolkit is for you to use self-improvement and productivity tools like the Wheel of Life, Kanban Board and Retrospective Board without signing up, giving away emails or logging in.

Explore Lite Toolkit’s tools here.

Lite Agile

Lite Agile is a framework I have created for the purpose of being light and simple for individuals to adopt the Agile mindset and adapt to change.

You can read the Lite Agile Guide I have written here.

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I am a UX Designer with a strong passion to fuse frameworks of Self-Awareness and Agility together —

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Tan Thye Chuan

Tan Thye Chuan

I am a UX Designer with a strong passion to fuse frameworks of Self-Awareness and Agility together —

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