Put your goals in order with a Backlog

The Backlog is an ordered list of what is needed for improvement, ordered based on size, detail and priority. It is treated as a single source of work that people would use to plan Sprints in Agile communities that practice Scrum.

Use the Backlog to plan your goals

The goals or objectives in the Backlog can be repurposed to describe a future state of a product, service, or even a person, serving as a target to plan towards.

The Backlog can be used to plan long-term goals to achieve. In order to minimise risk and generate more learning cycles, it is better to fulfil (or abandon) a goal or item before moving on to the next Backlog item.

Refine your backlog, refine your goals

According to the Scrum Guide, Backlog items that can be done and accomplished within one Sprint are considered ready for selection when planning a Sprint. This level of detail and transparency is accomplished from refining the Backlog items.

Refinement is the act of breaking down and further defining the items into smaller, more precise items. This is done by continuously breaking down items, adding in more details and descriptions, making the size of an item smaller and prioritising the items.

Try out some Tools and Frameworks I’ve worked on

Lite Toolkit

Lite Toolkit is for you to use self-improvement and productivity tools like the Wheel of Life, Kanban Board and Retrospective Board without signing up, giving away emails or logging in.

Explore Lite Toolkit’s tools here.

Lite Agile

Lite Agile is a framework I have created for the purpose of being light and simple for individuals to adopt the Agile mindset and adapt to change.

You can read the Lite Agile Guide I have written here.

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I am a UX Designer with a strong passion to fuse frameworks of Self-Awareness and Agility together — iamthye.com

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Tan Thye Chuan

Tan Thye Chuan

I am a UX Designer with a strong passion to fuse frameworks of Self-Awareness and Agility together — iamthye.com

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