Disney+ launched in Singapore on 23 Feb 2021 and I decided to try it after I saw a notification on my Smart TV (LG WebOS). That notification was a solid execution and partnership with LG for launching Disney+.

Other than some registration, login and server issues I have experienced which I have reported, I still found that there are a few areas of improvement I would suggest as a UX designer who has also used Netflix and YouTube.

When to use PIN code

Every time I open the Disney+ app and select my profile, I’m required to enter a PIN code. While it does seem…

Have you ever heard of Kaizen? For some of you who might have heard of it, you might have heard it from work as Continuous Improvement. How do we apply Kaizen successfully to our lives and work?

I will be answering the following:

  • What is Kaizen
  • What is the essence of Kaizen
  • Hansei — the first step to practice Kaizen
  • The relatedness of Hansei to Self-Awareness

What is Kaizen

First principles may not be a term new to you if you’re a fan of Elon Musk. He has shared this thinking as the approach he uses when understanding challenges and coming up with solutions for SpaceX and Tesla.

I’ve always wanted to write about Scrum, but I didn’t know where to start as it is quite hard to share what it is without covering it in its entirety.

There’s also plenty of shares online about what Scrum is, but some are defining the framework differently, created different visuals of the framework or does not talk about it’s theory of Empiricism and its importance of transparency, inspection and adaptation.

So what I did was, I went to Scrum.org and read the official Scrum Guide.

Why I think you should read the official Scrum Guide

The Scrum Guide is the original source for whatever you need to understand about the…

In my last article introducing Agile, I have shared how some people in teams and organizations were simply “doing” Agile, but they are not “being” Agile. The reason why this is happening is because they have lost sight of the values and principles behind the Agile Manifesto.

These values and principles are what drive the Agile Mindset, not just doing the practices and rituals in fixed ways according to Agile frameworks.

I also shared that the Agile Mindset can be applied by anyone or any team in an organization, no matter what their role or background is and even you…

Agile has became a terminology widely used in organizations all over the world today. Agile is not just embraced by the five biggest companies by market capitalisation like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, but also by other known companies like Airbnb, Etsy, Lyft, Samsung, Spotify, Tesla and Uber.

These organizations have become more adaptable to meet the shifts of markets driven by customers. Delivering value in a shorter cycles, with smaller teams and networked organizational arrangements over top-down management and silos have became a new norm. …

Tan Thye Chuan

I am a UX Designer with a strong passion to fuse frameworks of Self-Awareness and Agility together — iamthye.com

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