3 essential tips to lose weight and make it sustainable for yourself

Tan Thye Chuan
4 min readFeb 1, 2023

The process of losing weight can often be confusing and difficult for people to follow. Another difficult thing to do is to make that end result sustainable, as most people end up gaining back all the weight they lost once they achieve their initial goals.

Here, I’ll be sharing my personal weight loss story, 3 things you can do to achieve the same and finally, a tool that I created to help you on your own weight loss journey.

Left: When I was over 90 kg. Right: My current self weighing 72 kg.

My Story

Originally weighing as high as 96 kg in the past, I have managed to lose weight down to as low as 63 kg. I would like to admit that 63 kg was a good achievement but it made me look too skinny.

Currently as I am writing this article, my last recorded weight was 72 kg. I think I’m satisfied with my current weight. However, I am still interested in building more muscle mass for myself.

From my journey above, I hope you’re convinced that I might be able to share advice that can help. What I’m about to share is some simple and easy to follow advice that worked for me in terms of both losing and sustaining my weight.

Tip 1: Manage your nutrition

This is probably going to be the most important thing for you to get right for yourself because you cannot outrun a bad diet. Generally, a diet that consists of high protein is going to be good for you to build muscle and this can come from eggs, meats, fish or tofu. Animal or plant based fats like butter and avocado are actually good for health.

What you should really look out for is your carbs and sugars. Unless you have a really active lifestyle, if you have issues losing weight, there is a high chance that you’re eating a lot more than you should. If you start and sustain the habit of cutting down your carbs and sugar intake, you will also be able to reduce your hunger.

Avoid consuming sweet drinks, desserts, sauces and reduce your fruits, potatoes, rice and pasta as they are high in carbs and sugar. I’m not advising that you totally do not eat carbs or sugars as they are almost completely impossible to avoid and should be enjoyed from time to time.

Drinking water is going to help you as well because it can flush out toxins and suppress your hunger. Black coffee or green tea without sugar are also great alternatives if you prefer to drink something with a bit of flavour.

Eating salads everyday, while it may sound like the most ideal solution, is not sustainable for everyone. Every individual has a different body, occupation, diet and lifestyle. Remember that your diet should be consistent so that you know if particular drinks or foods help you in your weight loss journey or not.

Tip 2: Remember to exercise

Not only does regular exercise help you lose weight by burning calories and increasing your muscle mass, it also keeps your body healthy and fit. I used to focus too much on losing weight and ended up being too skinny with no muscle. Take note that doing too much cardio like running and cycling is also going to cause you to lose muscle mass.

Strength exercises such as lifting weights and even doing simply body weight training like push ups and pull ups will help you build muscle. If you’re not very motivated to exercise, you can consider joining a gym or participate in group fitness classes. If you have a busy schedule like me, purchase some home gym equipment like weights or resistant bands and make sure that they are easily accessible so that you can do some exercise at anytime.

Tip 3: Measure your data and habits

Measure your weight often and monitor your progress. Journal your habits to be aware of how you are doing and what you can do better. Currently, I measure my weight and exercise every morning without fail. If you want to make things more encouraging, find friends to share your weight and healthy habits to.

Start your weight loss journey with GdApp

To help people in their weight loss journeys, I have created GdApp, a Mobile App to keep track of their progress and habits. There is also a sharing function so that you’re able to share your data with other people and encourage each other on your goals.

Find out more about the GdApp and download it here.

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